can CBD keep strawberries fresh

In The News: Can CBD Keep Strawberries Fresh?

How often do you buy a lovely quart of fresh strawberries, basking in the glow of their ripe, red beauty, only to open the fridge the next day and find them green and fuzzy?

It’s a common frustration. And we never thought we’d be asking ourselves the question can CBD keep strawberries fresh?

Well, it has been asked… and answered.

Can CBD Keep Strawberries Fresh?

Researchers at the University of South Florida are answering that exact question: can CBD keep strawberries fresh?

Sure, this might seem like an interesting approach for researchers – especially since most current CBD research focuses on how CBD impacts the body and helps with various medical conditions. Or maybe it isn’t all that surprising – after all, scientists have known for years that CBD has microbial properties.

Whatever the case may be, in our view, any new research on CBD is important and valuable.

Their goal was to see if consumers could use CBD at home to keep strawberries fresher, longer. So, how did the researchers conduct this study?

To start, a thorough visual inspection of the fruit and a test of the current microbial load was done. Then, CBD was applied to some of the fruit and the strawberries were put in storage, some at 1°C and some at 10°C.

Then they waited for the magic to happen…

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8 Days Later…

After 8 days, the strawberries came back out of the fridge. Their visible freshness and microbial load were both evaluated.

And what do you know? The CBD worked!

The results show that CBD not only extends the visible shelf-lief of strawberries, it also inhibits yeast and mold growth, and reduces overall microbial load. 

In summery, the study notes:

  • CBD oil has promising potential as an antimicrobial treatment to fresh produce.
  • Treating strawberries with CBD oil lengthens shelf life and reduces microbial load.
  • CBD oil inhibited yeast and mold growth on strawberries.
  • Strawberries treated with CBD oil had better overall quality compared to non-treated fruit.

So, can CBD keep strawberries fresh? All signs (and science) point to yes!

Want to try it at home? Next time you buy a batch, mix a little CBD with water in a spray bottle and give ’em a spritz.