CBD VS Big Pharma

How Do Americans Feel about CBD VS Big Pharma?

It’s a fact: Americans are over-medicated. More than half the population (55%) take at least one prescription medication every day, according to a 2017 Consumer Reports study. Lots take more than one.

But there’s a new player in the game: CBD oil.

So how do Americans feel about CBD VS Big Pharma? Pretty darn good.

Does the U.S. Have a Prescription Problem?

According to the study, the number of prescriptions filled in 2017 increased by 85% in 20 years.

And yes, that’s a problem. While many of these medications are life-saving, not all are needed. In fact, 49% asked their doctors whether they could stop taking a drug. The answer? 71% were told they could cut out least one.

CBD VS Big Pharma

With the sheer amount of research, it’s no surprise that people are turning to CBD as an alternative to these daily prescription meds.

Data analysis and research company Brightfield Group partnered with HelloMD to conduct a survey to determine just how prolific CBD has become.

The results speak volumes about how Americans feel about the power of CBD VS Big Pharma:

  • 46% who previously used opioids had given them up and switched to CBD
  • 43% who previously used any prescription drugs had given them up and switched to CBD
  • 74% said CBD was extremely effective or very effective in treating their medical conditions compared to other pharmaceuticals
CBD VS Big Pharma
Photo Credit: Brightfield Group

What About Side Effects?

One of the biggest draws of CBD is the limited side effects.

Think about it: how many commercials have you seen for medications where the list of side effects outweighs the benefits by a ton? Many pharmaceutical drugs often come with side effects that are arguably worse than the condition they’re meant to treat.

And that can be a real turn off.

CBD, on the other hand, is generally well tolerated and considered safe. That’s according to the World Health Organization. Any side effects tend to be very mild and may include:

  • Diarrhea
  • Changes in appetite
  • Fatigue

Thus far, we’ve seen evidence that CBD is a powerful natural alternative for all kinds of conditions. Is it going to give Big Pharma a run for its money? If it isn’t already, it looks like it definitely will. And for the average American, that’s probably a very good thing.