CBD oil in Canada

CBD Oil in Canada: Is it Legal?

We’re so thankful to have readers from all over the world here at CBD News Reports. And that makes sense, since CBD oil is gaining ground all over the globe.

In fact, a few of our team members are actually located up in the Great White North (including myself – I’m here in Ontario as I write this).

The thing is, we’ve noticed that a lot of our stuff is based on U.S. rules and regulations. We’re going to fix that!! So, in tribute to my own roots, let’s start here and look at the status of CBD oil in Canada!

CBD Oil in Canada: Is it Legal?

According to the Government of Canada, “CBD is a controlled substance under United Nations drug control conventions. Consistent with the controlled status of CBD internationally, CBD is a controlled substance in Canada and other jurisdictions.”

This means that, CBD oil in Canada (both the oil itself and any products containing it) are subject to the rules outlined in the Cannabis Act. The Cannabis Act is a revolutionary measure first passed in 2018, making recreational cannabis legal across the country.

Then, it was amended in 2019 to include edibles, extracts, and topicals.

But this legalization doesn’t mean it’s free-as-you-please with regard to cannabis or CBD. There are still some strict regulations. These include rules controlling the possession, production, and distribution of anything that comes from cannabis, including CBD.

Under the Act, Canadian provinces and territories decide how cannabis is distributed and sold within their jurisdictions, including:

  • how cannabis can be sold
  • where stores may be located
  • how stores must be operated
  • who is allowed to sell cannabis

For example, the legal age for purchase in all provinces except Alberta and Quebec is 19. Alberta’s age is 18, whereas Quebec is more conservative at 21.

Where can you buy CBD Oil in Canada?

All provinces allow online purchases, but as for in-store, there are some differences.

Government-operated stores:

  • British Columbia
  • New Brunswick
  • Northwest Territories
  • Nova Scotia
  • Ontario
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Quebec

Private licensed stores:

  • Alberta
  • Manitoba
  • Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Ontario
  • Saskatchewan
  • Yukon

Nunavut is the odd one out – permitting orders at a government-operated online store or by phone.

You’ll notice that all of these are licensed places. And that’s an important distinction when it comes to Canada. Unlike many U.S. States, CBD and products containing CBD in Canada can only be sold by a:

  • provincially or territorially-authorized cannabis retailer
  • federally-licensed seller of cannabis for medical purposes

So, no convenience stores or health shops (unless licensed) for us.

Can You Bring CBD Oil into Canada?

Sure, we may not be doing much cross-border or international travel right now, but what about when things get back to normal? Can Canadians travelling to the U.S. return with a bottle of CBD oil?

The movement of CBD oil (any cannabis products in fact) is covered by 3 United Nations drug conventions. Under these conventions, CBD is currently a controlled substance, so that means there are very specific conditions for exporting or importing it across borders.

That includes bringing a single bottle for personal use home with you.

Under these conditions, CBD oil can only be brought into Canada:

  • by a holder of a licence issued under the Cannabis Regulation
  • under an import or export permit issued to the licence holder by Health Canada for that shipment 
  • for a legitimate scientific or medical purpose, as per international agreements

So, in short, that bottle you purchased legally at a shop in the U.S. has to stay in the U.S.

The same goes for ordering it from the States. Sure, you may find that those orders you’ve placed from a U.S. company get through without issue, but that doesn’t mean it’s actually allowed. You’re not really allowed to order CBD from outside Canada. That’s another no-no.

So, is it legal?

Yes, thankfully CBD oil is legal in Canada, as long as you’re buying it from an authorized seller.

Thank goodness!