CBD oil for stress

CBD Oil for Stress: Has Usage Gone Up During Covid?

Whether directly or indirectly, we’ve all been impacted by the current world pandemic in some way. Many people have reported increased stress due to financial, social, or health-related changes. And we’ve heard from many that they’re turning to CBD oil for stress relief.

It’s easy to say that CBD usage has increased during Covid, but what do the numbers tell us?

And how can CBD oil help when it comes to stress?

CBD Oil for Stress

Whether you have mini-bursts of stress every now and then, or long term stress that seems to follow you around, research suggests CBD can be effective. Because of how CBD creates balance in the body, it targets the parts of your body that need it most. That’s why it can handle both stress, and the reaction to the stress (anxiety). 

Here’s why: occasional, small bursts of stress hormones like cortisol tell your brain to focus. Unfortunately, when this message doesn’t turn off, your brain will start to tune out the message. Well, when you’re stressed, they can overload your body. The research on CBD oil for stress specifically tells us that endocannabinoid signaling responds to and regulates the activity of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis that governs the secretion of those stress hormones. This means it helps your body manage the release of them.

Additionally, further research shows that endocannabinoid signaling is also trigged by stress “to modulate cognitive and emotional processes such as memory consolidation and extinction.” So, it helps your brain deal with the impacts of stress. Beauty!

CBD Usage During Covid

According to a report from Aclara Research, these are the top reasons people are using CBD:

CBD oil for stress

A report from Prohibition Partners notes that “a significant proportion of CBD and cannabis-infused goods users reported an increase in use as a result of COVID-19, mainly related to a number of health issues. Specifically, almost 30% of users in mature markets, such as the US and Canada, stated that they expected to increase their usage of CBD during the global pandemic, primarily to deal with stress, anxiety and as part of a wellness routine.”

But those using CBD before the pandemic do not exclusively make up those relying on CBD for stress right now. As the aforementioned reported explains, “The largest proportion of consumers are recent entrants with 28% of CBD users having been in the market for less than 6 months. Such significant adoption is likely down to the growing exposure to products as well as word of mouth recommendations focused on health-related issues.”

The same report states, “52%, the majority of consumers, are using CBD to help with sleep and relaxation while 51% of consumers are using CBD to manage health and wellness and to treat various health conditions.”

Final Thoughts

No matter your current level of stress, leaving it to fester can impact your health, and not in a good way.

For days when you’re feeling off your game, add a little CBD to the menu for some natural relief.