cbd for focus

CBD for Focus, Mental Alertness, and Concentration

Do you often find your mind travelling when you’re working on a specific task? What about just concentrating when you’re stressed? When your focus is challenged, your productivity can take a nose-dive, and that can be both frustrating and annoying.

This is especially true right now with so many of us of working from home. We’re all trying to keep our minds on our work while dealing with all the outside stressors thanks to Covid.

Maybe CBD is the key to renewed focus.

Benefits of CBD for Focus, Mental Alertness, and Concentration

CBD works with a system in your body called the Endocannabinoid System. It is found in your organs, your central nervous system, your digestive system, even all throughout your skin. Its main job is to bring about homeostasis. This is the ability of the body to maintain a relatively stable internal state, despite external factors trying to disrupt things.

When you take CBD, it interacts with cannabinoid receptors to elicit some type of change. Those changes depend on what’s happening with your body. This could be inflammation, excess or reduced essential hormones, or even defence against bacteria.

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Because of this balance, CBD can improve your focus and concentration in many different ways.

1. Helps Reduce Anxiety

One of the biggest problems people have with focus is an overactive brain that is continuously working on overdrive. If you’re running over thoughts that you just can’t leave aside, or dealing with feeling of unease or worrying, your focus is definitely going to be impacted. Thankfully, research tells us that CBD can help reduce those feelings of anxiousness.

2. Boost Dopamine

CBD is directly associated with dopamine, a chemical neurotransmitter that is in charge of memory, focus, and mental awareness. When your attention and focus are decreased, chances are, your dopamine levels are low. Studies show that CBD can help manage and increase dopamine levels in the brain.

3. Increase Mental Alertness

So many of us turn to coffee when our minds start to wander mid day. The thing is, after too many cups, that caffeine can make you more jittery than anything, again throwing alertness out of whack. Next time, add some CBD to your coffee to cut that jitteriness. CBD can help keep you alert without giving you the shakes.

4. Balance Stress

High levels of cortisol – a chronically detrimental stress hormone – can also mess with your concentration. Working under stress, for most, isn’t the most productive way to get things done. Research suggests CBD can interrupt cortisol secretion, and so using CBD to keep your stress in check is ideal.

5. Improve Sleep

The impact of a lack of sleep on productivity goes without saying. If you’re tired, you’re not focused. Research shows us that CBD can help calm the mind and improve sleep over time, giving you the rest you need for increase alertness and ability to focus.

CBD for Focus: Final Thoughts

The inability to focus and concentrate on your daily tasks is normal and is a pretty common occurrence, especially if you’re under a lot of stress or have a lot on your mind, or if you’re having trouble sleeping.

With CBD, you can naturally boost your brain’s ability to concentrate, thereby increasing productivity. And that’s good, no matter how you slice it.