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Everyone on the CBD News team works in the Cannabis industry, in some capacity. We’ve been around the block and have witnessed the dramatic shift Cannabis has experienced over the last few decades. We bring decades of experience to the table, from every facet of the industry – from cultivation and agriculture, to testing and research, to banking and tech innovation.

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Our goal is to help spread the word about CBD to every corner of the world. 

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Featured Lead Anchor: Ian Pedersen

Ian Pedersen

Ian was thrilled to join the CBD News Team in 2021. And we’re thrilled to have him!

Ian brings years of experience in the cannabis industry to the table, having started the first compassionate caregiver organization in Arizona in 2010 and then helped launch the largest operating state licensed industrial cultivation center in Arizona. From there, he opened the largest state licensed dispensary. He began working alongside regulators and health department officials, and together they researched and developed optimal dosing protocols, standardizing them across the board.

Ian began his own CBD brand, Source CBD in 2013. He is a regular contributor to various cannabis publications, including Cannabis & Tech Today, High Times, Cannabis Magazine, and Innovation & Tech Today.

Ian lives in Arizona with his family, consulting with some of the brightest minds in the Cannabis industry, and continually researching and developing ways to bring a greater understanding of the benefits and science of CBD to the world.

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