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The Government’s Funding CBD Research: What Does that Mean?

The U.S. government has announced it will be funding new CBD research on the potential of the compound for its health benefits.


We’ve heard thousands of personal stories of how CBD has helped people and their pets. We’ve seen the studies. But there’s always room for more CBD research!

The Details

On Thursday, September 19, the federal government announced funding for 9 new research grants, to the tune of about $3 million, dedicated specifically to CBD research and examining the potential health benefits.

This new investment comes after calls for more knowledge into CBD. With the growing popularity, research needs to catch up.

Scientists hope this new research will help educate and bring awareness, as well as pave the way for further regulation on the substance. People are using CBD oil for all kinds of ailments, but there’s still a stigma, as well as significant misunderstanding for many when it comes to what exactly CBD oil is.

But it isn’t just understanding that’s called for. According to NBC News, another driver is the opioid crisis currently wracking the nation. The overuse of prescription painkillers has become a major issue across the U.S. and scientists plan to examine the value of CBD as a viable alternative.

CBD research

The Science

The funding is coming from the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH). NCCIH is one of 27 institutes that make up the National Institutes of Health (NIH). It’s run by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. 

Dr. David Shurtleff, the Center’s deputy director, said “The science is lagging behind the public use and interest. We’re doing our best to catch up here.”

cbd research

The funding will go to several different universities and research facilities, including the University of Utah and University of California San Francisco.

Part of the research will be used to create a library of useful compounds found in cannabis plants.

To begin with, only one of the projects will involve human test subjects. Researchers at the University of Utah will scan the brains of participants with lower back pain to see what impact CBD has on pain-signaling pathways. The CBD will be mixed with chocolate pudding. Half the group will get the CBD pudding and the other half will get pudding without CBD as a control group.

According to NCCIH, there may be additional human studies in a second round of grant awards.

This is just for researching the health benefits of CBD. None of the funding will go towards researching THC.

The Result of More CBD Research

So, what does this mean for the industry in general? Well, we’re confident the results will show that CBD has a number of important health benefits.

CBD manufacturers could stand to gain much-needed credibility from these studies. But even aside from that, the growth of knowledge and understanding is essential. Stay tuned.