cbd for pain management

Pro Athletes Calling for CBD Oil for Pain Management

Professional athletes are looking at CBD as part of their pain management regimen.

Every week we hear from a new athlete about how CBD oil for pain management is superior to traditional medicines like opioids.

Some are even joining the CBD game.

So, what are they saying, and what are the organizations doing about this call for greater access?

The Current Status of CBD in Sports

For years, CBD was lumped in with all other cannabinoids as a prohibited substance for use by athletes. Thankfully, a few years ago that changed. Back in 2017, the World Anti-Doping Agency updated its prohibited substances list, removing CBD as a restricted substance.

cbd oil for pain management

Since then, athletes have been incorporating CBD into their lives, using it for effective recovery from pain. And they’re not shying away from speaking out about it.

Dozens of current and former athletes have publicly come out in support of CBD oil for pain management. Some have even founded organizations like Athletes for Care, an organization which offers resources, urges further research, and promotes the use of CBD.

Here are just a few:

  • Former NFL player Cullen Jenkins says he uses CBD oil for anxiety and pain management.
  • Former NHL player Ryan VandenBussche uses it for pain.
  • Triathlete Andrew Talansky relies on CBD for pain, anxiety, and better sleep.
  • Pro golfer Bubba Watson says CBD helps with his inflammation and gives him a better night’s sleep.
  • Former NFL player Larry Chesters said “CBD saved my life,” after turning to it for chronic pain and an addiction to opioids.
  • Former NHL player Riley Cote uses it for brain health, anxiety, and better sleep.
  • MMA fighter Nate Diaz uses it to fight inflammation.

This use and advocacy is resulting in some organizations revisiting their own stance on it.

The PGA now places CBD in the same category as other permitted supplements.

Last June, the BIG3 (a 3-on-3 basketball league which features several retired NBA players) said it would allow CBD oil to be used by its players.

The NFL and NFLPA also announced that they’re launching a Joint Pain Management Committee. Research into CBD oil for pain management research is high on their list.

CBD Oil for Pain Management – The Future in Sports

No matter how you slice it, those necessary conversations are taking place – in locker-rooms, in general management offices, in labs – and people are listening. As new research comes out, our hope is that those in the positions to make the change will see the value of CBD for the players that need it!

Stay tuned for more updates.