cbd oil to quit smokin

CBD Oil to Quit Smoking? Research Shows Potential

According to a the CDC, 1 in 5 American adults uses some type of tobacco product, and over 41 million of those are cigarette smokers.

Anyone who smokes knows the dangers of the habit. There’s no point in rehashing all of the health effects of smoking – and that’s not what we’re here for. It’s probably fair to say that, if you do smoke, you’ve thought about ditching the habit at least once.

Does cannabidiol have potential? Should you try CBD oil to quit smoking?

Research says yes!

CBD Oil to Quit Smoking

For those looking for a little help quitting smoking, Big Pharma has nicotine patches, pharmaceuticals, gum, etc. Then of course there are e-cigarettes as a healthier alternative.

The thing is, none of these options offer an actual solution to why quitting smoking is so tough – the addiction to nicotine.

So what does research say about CBD oil to quit smoking? While the research is still in the early stages, one study has looked at CBD as a potential treatment for nicotine addiction, with positive results.

In a small, randomized, double-blind clinical study, the effectiveness of CBD was examined for the treatment of tobacco addiction. 24 participants who smoked more than 10 cigarettes a day were given an inhaler to use whenever they felt the urge to smoke. Half the participants were given an inhaler containing CBD and the other half an inhaler with a placebo. Treatment lasted one week.

Over the course of the study, participants recorded their withdrawal symptoms (cravings and anxiety) each day. Then, 3 weeks after the the completion of the study, researchers followed-up. Cigarette consumption in the CBD group had fallen by 40%, whereas those who were given the placebo saw no difference.

cbd oil to quit smoking

What’s really interesting is that these differences were not kept up after 21 days. By day 21, both groups had returned to the initial conditions. So the CBD reduced cravings for the week, but once the participants stopped taking the CBD, they returned. Anyone who has tried to quit smoking knows it takes longer than a week to get over those cravings, so this isn’t super surprising. What it does suggest though is that longer term CBD use could potentially be the key.

The researchers conclude: “the preliminary data presented here suggest that CBD may be effective in reducing cigarette use in tobacco smokers, however larger scale studies, with longer follow-up are warranted to gauge the implications of these findings. These findings add to a growing literature that highlights the importance of the endocannabinoid system in nicotine addiction.”

Final Thoughts

It may be a bit early to say that CBD will help you quit smoking, but this research definitely looks promising. With the amazing safety profile of CBD, there’s really no harm in trying it. Plus, the other health benefits may just make it all the more worth it! Pair it with a few other techniques to quit smoking and you’ll be great!